Determined heroines, page-turning action, breathtaking alternative cultures!

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City At My Feet

Mannahatta Series: Book 1

A young woman with a destiny. A mythical land thought lost to time. A battle to save two worlds…

The Story Continues...

Sakima Tamanend shoulders a legacy hundreds of years in the making. Combining ancient Lenape spirits with alien weaponry, she expertly trains the next generation of Mannahattan girls in the ways of the warrior. But her city’s interdimensional visitors aren’t coming in peace…

When a devastating surprise assault sends Sakima reeling, she forges an alliance she hopes is mighty enough to spare her world from total ruin. But even as a mythic soldier, she’s not sure she stands any chance against terrifying pestilence and man-eating giants.

Can Sakima prove her strength and defeat the invaders, or are she and her people doomed?

City In My Hands is the second book in the sensational Mannahatta series slated to be released in Fall of 2023. If you like sweeping multiverses, indigenous mythology, and deadly alien encounters, then you’ll love Thomas More’s fast-paced adventure.

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City At My Feet (Mannahatta Series: Book 1)

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